Friday, May 30, 2008

Measuring Time

I don't know about anyone else but I measure time by the events that happen on a regular basis. Like the world series at the end of October, the Super bowl the end of January, Spring training in March and Seafair the first weekend of August. Now this wouldn't be so bad but I gauge a lot of what I do on the events that happen periodically. Most of these are sports related and I can remember what I did the last time I watched said sports. Take for instance the college world series. Last year I followed the girls softball games. University of Arizona had advanced through regionals to make a trip back to Oklahoma. They went ahead and won their second campionship in a row. The year before I watched the games when U of A played. I also made all the cross stitch gifts for my friends sense we were moving to Chandler. Most of the time I usually have a craft project that coincide with all these things and I can usually associate them with this calendar.
Now some of the events that chart time no longer apply to my calender like Seafair and Opening day for boating, I still look forward to the seasons. The Olympics coming this August, college football this fall, and probably the world series in October. Now just to decide what I want to make while watch all these sports.

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