Thursday, July 17, 2008

Random thoughts!

I Am... A child of God.
I Think... Too much sometimes to the point of worrying myself sick.
I Know... My Redeemer Lives
I Have...To let go of the past because it affects the future and doesn't let me enjoy today.
I Wish... I didn’t worry so much!
I Miss … having a free schedule during the day.
I Fear... loosing my home.
I Feel... betrayed
I Hear... Stereo…neighbors are moving.
I Smell... ?
I Crave... no demands for my time.
I Search... For answers to prayers
I Wonder... Where I will be in a year!
I Regret... Lots but would have it made a difference!
I Love... Peace of mind and heart
I Ache... For DH who has more worries than I
I Am Not... Desperate yet!
I Believe... We will get through this trial.
I Dance... With grandkids who don’t care if I know how…
I Sing... Not much, sense Colleen does all the singing
I Cry... More than I like, I’m just emotional.
I Don't Always... Exercise enough Faith.
I Fight... Trying to please everyone.
I Write... To vent my feelings!
I Win... If I can endure to the end.
I Never... Say never! It can get you in trouble!
I Always... Need my Savior!
I Confuse... Need and Want sometimes
I Listen... When all is quite and no distractions.
I Can Usually Be Found... At home, when I have time on the computer or knitting; I usually have Sevrine underfoot.
I Am Scared... That we will have to move again.
I Need... A tender mercy!
I Am Happy About... Marissa getting the job in Boston.
I Imagine... This is just a beginning to more questions!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

It seems that we needed to find new tenants for the Peoria house. I dreaded the process but knew that Heavenly Father would help us find someone to rent the house. Timing becomes an issue so we won't have to miss a month's rent. Tender mercy describes the events of the last few days. I saw an add on Craig's List and replied that we have a house available. Our former tenant ended up paying July's rent sense he did not give us a month's notice. We showed the house to the new family and they liked it and put down a deposit. Now we need to clean and paint in order for them to move in on August 1st. We did find out tonight that the downstairs aircondioning unit isn't working so I will need to get a repairman in to take care of that. As I thought about the timing, I realized that the window of opportunity is short with school starting next month and the house could very well have been vacant for several months. This is another example of it always being enough. The theme for my life right now.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Marissa is heading East.

Yesterday Marissa found out she got the job and is moving to Boston. This has taken over a month but we knew this is where she is suppose to be. Now she is packing and tying up lose ends before she leaves in the morning. We are amazed at how everything has fallen into place and doors have been open at the right time. It is a testimony to how Heavenly Father answers prayers and directs his children. With Marissa living on the east coast, I am now trying to figure out how to go visit and see that part of the country.