Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day! + (More-scroll down)

I wanted to post a tribute to the men and women who have served or who are currently serving in the armed forces who have given me the freedom of living in this great land. I saw this on a political blog this morning and it is fitting for the sacrifice these people give so we can live in this Country.

Their Courage
Their courage deems utmost respect

Their mission clear, our way protect
It’s sure to each what they must do

No give or take, keep freedom true
With the grand old flag, they’ll unite

Whenever they must, march to fight
A life we know counts hard on them

Without their ranks, hellish problem
If our Armed Forces ceased to be

How long could we survive as free
Let’s well realize the truthful score

We need our troops just like before
Boils down to this, words to engrave

Land of The Free, Due to The Brave
God Bless each one for being there

Their loved ones too, unending care
Hope born from love touches the will

Do back them strong, means to fulfill
Americans – Who Serve

To GiveOne Nation – Under God

We Live
by Roger Robicheau

Flowers, Finish and a Start

These past few days and weeks have been tough. Not feeling well is only the half of it. I took some pictures of the yard as the flowers were blooming. Everything looks so nice in full color and foliage. In our entryway we have a gardenia bush that I planted. My friend Carol has gardenia bushes and she gave me some pointers on how to keep them alive in the Arizona climate. I lost two but this one seems to be thriving. Ric’s grandma, Sevrine Bromley loved gardenias and it seems that our Sevrine likes them too.

There are several friends at church that are expecting babies this fall. The pink outfit is made from designer sport from my stash and the pattern is from the book pictured. The booties are for gifts and the LDS Humanitarian Center.

The green sweater is from here and worked up on a sport weight yarn.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Blog Update

I have been sick these last few weeks. I'm feeling better but still need a CT scan. Ric posted pictures on his blog of our Mother's Day at the park. We had lots of fun seeing the kids play even though it was hot. I did steal this Picture from Kristen sense it was a good one of her kids together. I will post more pictures later this week of the garden and some of my projects that I have been working on this month.

Monday, May 4, 2009

FMM-5 Favorite Toys From My Childhood

For Friend Making Monday we are suppose to post our 5 favorite toys. The host for FMM is here at ae filkins. Check out what some of the other favorites are for today. If I had some of these today, I could make some $ on ebay.

1. Yes, I had one of the first Barbies!

2. I Loved Kenner's Spirograph

3. Board game Aggravation

4. My most favorite doll. Penny Brite
(I'm still mad that my sister thru it away.)

5. Jacks and other playground staples.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


This weekend DH and DS went on our ward's annual Father and Son Campout. (Payton did not go) They had a great time and DH enjoyed spending time with his buddy.

I have had these TV booties sitting on my sewing machine table ready to sew. This weekend seemed like the time to get them done. I love this pattern because they use up scraps of fabric and they also wear well. They will be added to the box of things that will be donated to the LDS Humanitarian Center and gift stash.

I also got to spend the weekend relaxing and finishing the dishcloths for my BFF's mother who flew into town for their daughter's graduation from ASU. They were fininshed in time to go to dinner at their house and have some yummy Tempura.