Wednesday, July 9, 2008

It seems that we needed to find new tenants for the Peoria house. I dreaded the process but knew that Heavenly Father would help us find someone to rent the house. Timing becomes an issue so we won't have to miss a month's rent. Tender mercy describes the events of the last few days. I saw an add on Craig's List and replied that we have a house available. Our former tenant ended up paying July's rent sense he did not give us a month's notice. We showed the house to the new family and they liked it and put down a deposit. Now we need to clean and paint in order for them to move in on August 1st. We did find out tonight that the downstairs aircondioning unit isn't working so I will need to get a repairman in to take care of that. As I thought about the timing, I realized that the window of opportunity is short with school starting next month and the house could very well have been vacant for several months. This is another example of it always being enough. The theme for my life right now.

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