Thursday, May 20, 2010


The weather forecast says we are going to have our first 100 degree day. I am ready for the heat with projects to keep me inside in the air conditioning and a pool that looks inviting when it is too hot.


KnitNurd said...

100!??!?! We're lucky to reach 80 these days...just weird for us. Usually, by this time, we are around 90, by Memorial Day at the latest!
Hope you're staying cool, Gayle!

Gayle said...

Yes we got to 100 today. Fortunately it was breezy so it didn't seem like it. This is the time of year I get a lot of my stitching done. I hope you have nice weather and an enjoyable Memorial Day.

Bluebird49 said...

Oh Gayle--that's a beautiful gift! How fortunate your friend is to get that!

I forgot to mention the tomatoes ast time--how yummy they look! We don't have any yet--but I love 'em!

How's the book you're reading?