Monday, September 13, 2010

Football, Finishes, and a Flag

Saturday I woke up and put up the flag in remembrance of the tragedy of 9-11. I had Sevrine take this picture of the Flag in front of our house. Colleen cropped out her thumb and brightened the color. I thought it was a nice photo to remember this day.

Saturday we celebrated Payton's 3rd. Birthday. He loves the Movie "Toy Story" and this was his theme. He is totally attached to Buzz Lightyear.

With Sevrine in Kindergarden, I am now fighting the traffic to pick her up. They release the kids 5 minutes ahead of the rest of the school so I need to get in line early. I bring my current dish cloth and get a bit done from the wait.

Now that college football and the NFL is in full swing, my ability to work on projects has increased. This has been great for getting Christmas projects done and some of my WIP pile completed.


Julie said...

Beautiful knitwear, i think a lot of ladies are planning for Christmas early this year, i've seen a few things on blogs already.

Oklahoma Granny said...

The flag photo is outstanding! Christmas will be here before you know it. It's good to get a jump on things.

Bluebird49 said...

Gayle! You're such a good grandma...and you get so much done. I'm---well, I can't be envious, can I!! That's not right.

I'm happy you can do so much! Your knitting and crocheting and stitching is always so perfect.

Debra said...

Are the tube knits leggings for babies?