Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Catching Up and a TUSAL

Today is the new moon and time to post my ORT jar.  I was fortunate to be able to stitch quite a bit earlier this month while visiting DH in Maryland.  I made some head way on "O Jerusalem" which has motivated me to keep at it.
I finished this to give to my SIL, Regina while I was visiting DH.  I have appreciated Steve and Regina including Ric in many of their families activities. It helps knowing there is family for him to be with while I am still in Arizona.

The first weekend we traveled south to Richmond to pick up Marissa. We then went to Colonial Williamsburg to visit the town. I enjoyed the reinactments, palace and capital with all the history that was covered. Even though we spent the day, we didn't see everything that was offered. I was disappointed with the weaving and dyeing exhibit. The woman didn't have much information and kept making excuses to what she was really showing.

While we were visiting Marissa, she gave us a private tour of the VA Capital. She has 24 hour access because of her job with the Lt. Governor. It was nice to see all of the artwork and the model of Thomas Jefferson's original capital building.  We loved the history that is so apart of the beginning of this country there in Richmond.

The last weekend we went into DC to catch the Cherry Blossom festival.  We had a big storm blow through on Thursday so it wasn't as nice as it could have been.  It was pretty, non the less, and a nice walk around the Tidal Basin. The 16 days went way too fast and it was hard to leave.  I did enjoy the time with Ric and I put my Kindle to good use.


Jenn said...

Lovely photos. Your cross stitch looks really nice.

Bluebird49 said...

I have to say...Isn't Virginia beautiful! I wish you could visit Jefferson's home--Monticello. we took the kids and Mama many moons ago.