Monday, May 4, 2009

FMM-5 Favorite Toys From My Childhood

For Friend Making Monday we are suppose to post our 5 favorite toys. The host for FMM is here at ae filkins. Check out what some of the other favorites are for today. If I had some of these today, I could make some $ on ebay.

1. Yes, I had one of the first Barbies!

2. I Loved Kenner's Spirograph

3. Board game Aggravation

4. My most favorite doll. Penny Brite
(I'm still mad that my sister thru it away.)

5. Jacks and other playground staples.


"FINE"al thoughts... said...

Aggravation is still a classic, though a lot like Sorry in my opinion! Glad to see you played along! I love FMM!

Nancy said...

Loved spirograph and jacks--those are good ones! =)

Tanielle said...

Awesome!! I was NOT good at jacks, no matter how hard my mom tried to teach me.

Have a wonderful night!