Thursday, June 4, 2009

Fruits from our Labors

This is the Lizzie Kate Double Flip-It I finished this week. I hoped to get it done for May but had to Frog it and add the charms. I call this "words to live by". I really like working on this and it will go with the Lizzie Kate ABC's. Now to find the right frame and mat so I can hang in a place of prominence in my home.

The garden that Kristen and I planted is starting to produce. I already picked a couple of zuchinni. This made a great salad that I had for lunch. I have enjoyed the process of this garden. I noticed a softball size watermellow and pumpkin. Looking forward to more yummy produce.


"FINE"al thoughts... said...

you already have vegetables? Holy Cow! Where do you live? Your post just prompted my next one...thanks! I'm off to take pics of my garden!

Marissa said...

Oooo! Those peppers look great! Looks like you'll be having some good salsa and guacamole soon too. I have a great Zucchini bread recipe and my friend has a recipe for Zucchini cake that is really wonderful too! Looking forward to seeing more of what you guys have grown! :) LOVE YOU!

Sarah Pugmire said...

Those look sooooo good!! Im so excited to start my own garden now that we finally have a house:) I might have to wait until next spring, but oh well. Your peppers really do look amazing!