Friday, June 19, 2009

A Week's Work

This week Sevrine went to Utah to visit her dad and I get a break from watching her. On my list of things I wanted to get done during this break was to make jam. I usually make jam this time a year and we were getting low on my raspberry. (Ric's favorite.) I made enough batches to replenish my pantry and some to give away to friends.
While watching the College World Series, I started the baby blanket. This was born out of a mistake I made in a scarf pattern I was working on. I had miss counted and the lace pattern did not look like the pattern, but I liked this result instead and thought it made for a nice blanket pattern. I interchanged the cross stitch to give my wrists a break. Both projects are fun to work on and I am getting more done than I expected because ASU is still in the tournament and I get a little excited when the home team is on. LOL


Alisa (Hanny) said...

Thank you for the's delicious! And thanks for the cute potholder, too. We really appreciate all the support and kind words. So thank you!

Bluebird49 said...

Thanks for dropping by, Friend. You have some beautiful work on here--I love your samplers-- and ALL your handwork!! Your family is beautiful!

YOU have a wonderful, busy, blessed life--it's evident in your blog! I used to cross stitch, but my eyes can't see that anymore--wish I had taken pictures of all my work--good for you to think about it! Of course, I didn't have a digital back then OR a computer!lol

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