Friday, October 23, 2009

Post Season

Every summer my dad would watch baseball on our television. We only could get one station and until we got 'rabbit ears' did we pick up the network feed from Salt Lake. October would come and there would be play offs. This meant my dad could watch baseball on whatever station carried that night's game. Out of boredom I joined him in the living room watching the post season and world series. I liked the Cincinnati Reds with Johnny Bench, Pete Rose, and Hank Aaron. I don't remember who my dad liked but it was usually a different team. He would make bets on who would win and the loser would pay up with Tootsie Rolls. These were not the bite size but the rolls that cost a nickle. I looked forward to the games and took a special interest in who was playing when a tootsie roll was on the line. We equally got our share of Tootsie rolls during the different games each fall.

Now it is October and the post season. I still watch baseball hoping for my teams to get to the world series. There are still Tootsie Rolls to snack on and a special memory of the time spent with my dad.


PBJK Ussery said...

Thanks for sharing! That is a really fun story... it is neat for us "kids" to hear stories about our parents as kids or "real people". I think sometimes we forget you're not just our parents, but have other roles and responsibilities too.

Washington Cowgirl said...

I love that story. Childhood memories are so great and hearing them make me think back to things I did with my family that I didn't appreciate until I "grew" up.
Love ya!

Kathy said...

How sweet. PUn inteded! I love post season baseball despite the facts that the CUBS are rarely in it an dif they are it doesn't last long! I am so sad when baseball ends in Nov.

Kim Hughes said...

Hey Aunt Gayle, I just found your blog and am excited to start following. I blog as well at if you ever want to follow. It's pretty random the things I blog about so be prepared.

It was great to hear that memory about grandpa. I didn't know him at all and would love to hear any more stories you have to tell.