Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Making Headway

I have been a little slow at updating this blog. My DH has had computer problems and that meant he needed mine. His came back today and now I can get back to my routine.

This is the progress for the last 10 days of my Eagle. I have the blocks of color for the flag and some backstitching. This has been such a fun project. This might sound a little weird but I even dream about stitching this and can't wait to work on it each day.

Monday I celebrated my birthday. My grand daughter came home last night with a card and a little bear. She insisted on the card even when Colleen tried to steer her to another one. She was so proud to pick out this birthday cake for me. She got the Grand right. She really liked the cake and candles. LOL
We also had a storm blow through today and I caught this full rainbow looking north off our balcony. The rainbow was so bright even though the picture doesn't show it.

Last week was the Westminster Dog show and it reminded me that it was this program that led us to picking our dogs. Border Terriers are the smallest breed in North America and we fell in love with these dogs after we visited a local dog show. Kelvin got Sassy from a breeder in Chino Valley. We liked Sassy so much that we got Marissa her dog about a year later. This is Marissa's dog, Rusty. He is 13 years old and getting a bit slow. He looks so nice with his coat stripped.


Anonymous said...

I just found your blog thru the LHN yahoo board. Love the EAGLE...that is gorgeous. I look forward to getting to know you better thru our blogging...

Rita said...

I came here through the LHN yahoo group too.

LOVE the Eagle project!

I'm not a knitter and I loved seeing your knitting projects too.