Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Summer Dress for my Girls

Sevrine posing!


This last week I finished this little dress for Sevrine. I had made one for Hailee a few weeks ago and already gave it to her before I could get a picture. This is the same dress I made for Kaitlyn last year for her birthday. These are a quick knit and the pattern can be found on the Kathryn Ivy's blog called Summerlin. (
I also finished one of the WIP’s that is a gift and will post later when it is framed and delivered. I am making progress on other projects and enjoying the stitching while staying cool.


Always smiling said...

love the dresses, i used to sew such a lot for my own children and did some for my grand children but they are all a bit too big now for grandma's sewing!
Thank you for reminding me that I may not have a family as such but I am part of the world wide stitchers family which I love.
I love that WIP but you didn't say what it was, it was the second photo, what is it I really like it and would like to get it.
Chris x

Oklahoma Granny said...

Thanks bunches for the info! These are just darling, darling and did I say darling?