Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Silent Night

This is another December finish.  I like stitching this and it makes for a nice gift to special friends.  I also can reveal the gift I made for Marissa.  She loves it and the Washington Temple will be a nice reminder of our visit in June.

These are the nightgowns and pajamas that I made for my grand children.  They have become a traditon and and the kids look forward to having them. 
Our family's traditional Christmas breakfast is Eggs Benedict.  Years ago Ric would get a ham from the Honda dealership.  Sense we always had Christmas day at his parents house, we would have the ham on Christmas Eve.  Ric would then make the family Eggs Benedict for breckfast with the left over ham. Even though we don't have Christmas day with his family any more, we still do the ham on Christmas eve so we can have the left overs for breakfast.


Deborah said...

Love Silent Night! The eggs look yummy.

The Ussery Family said...

Auntie Gayle! Parker's mom (my mother-in-law) has that Silent Night on her living room wall (during the holidays)! I LOVE it! Also, I have 2 questions for you, since you are a stitching expert!

First, I just learned how to crochet... at an enrichment activity. So far, I know how to make a wash cloth. I would love to learn how to make those adorable booties that you make. Is it possible to explain it in an e-mail or something?

Second, do you know how to crochet the top onto a dish towel? Like what you did for Ashley, except crochet-ed. Does that make sense? I'm really excited about this new hobby and have even more of an appreciation for all of the amazing and beautiful things you create!

Thanks for your help!
Love, Brooklynn